An Overview of types of Green Tea

The nutrient level and anti-oxidant level of green tea depends on the time of plucking and on the planting conditions. Though these conditions determine the type of tea, there is a variation in the type of nutrition and the antioxidant values of the tea. They depend chiefly on the quality of the tea.

This is very popular variety of Chinese green tea. The leaf you normally get in the market belongs to this type of tea. It contains vitamin C, catechins and other nutrients. The amount of nutrients differs in different type of Longjing tea. Hence, it is said that it has various incarnations. Bai Longjing is one of the many types that contain a high amount of amino acids.

This green tea is essentially a by-product of gyokuro or sencha green tea. It is composed of twigs, stalks and stems. It is unprocessed variety and hence, a staple part of the ‘macrobiotic’ diet.

Schincha is a Japanese green tea. It simply means ‘new tea’. They are the very first tender leaves that appear on the plant and grow during the beginning of spring. Since the leaves are harvested early, they have concentrated nutrients which were stored in the leaves during winter. They contain a high amount of amino acids and vitamins. The amount of catechin, in the tea, is rather minimal.

This type of green tea is grown in the shade during the last twenty days of growth. The plants thus get filled with a high amount of vitamins and amino acids. Apart from these health benefits, they also contain a sweet taste and unique scent.

Both Matcha and Gyokuro are harvested in a very similar manner. The difference occurs in the refinement of the tea. While Gyokuro resembles typical green tea, Matcha is ground in stone-mills. In other words, you ingest the tea leaves in Match green tea. The leaves are packed with concentrated amount of vitamins and amino acids. Therefore, you get the primary benefit of green tea.

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