History of Green Tea in the USA

It is a known fact that colonists from England brought the habit of the tea drinking to the New World. So, North America was introduced to the tea in 17th century. But only rich people had the opportunity to enjoy it. And the tea drinking became the necessary element of luxurious living. In the course of time Americans of the lower classes also began drinking tea; and tea parties became a sign of good taste and hospitality.

But the tea in the New World was not only a pleasure but it became a participant of the revolution. When the Englishmen charged heavy taxes on the tea trade, colonists occupied a ship of the East India Company and threw away more than 20 tons of tea. This event is known in history as Boston Tea Party.

Tea business made rich many Americans. For example at the beginning of the 20th century one New York businessman got a brilliant idea to pack tea into the tiny silky bags. The idea was quickly implemented, and the businessman became famous and successful overnight. This invention has changed the art of the tea brewing; on the one hand this made the tea brewing more convenient, but at the same time led to the worse quality of tea.

In the same century during one exhibition another tea businessman tried something new and untraditional. It was very hot in the town where the exhibition took place and the businessman tried to add ice to the tea. People enjoyed it very much, as it was so refreshing in the hot weather. Nowadays the iced tea is extremely popular among Americans.

In the course of time traditions changed and right now the attitude to the tea drinking is absolutely different in the modern USA. The first admiration and delight have passed and today Americans prefer coffee. But at the same time the USA is one of the leaders in the tea import.

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